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  • Rev.Alan Jones

    KMI Founding Director

    I long for the raised voice, the howl of rage or love.

  • Ps.Danny Wherrett

    KMI Director Australia

    Contented with little, yet wishing for much more.

  • Michael Duo


    If anything is worth doing, it's worth overdoing.

KMI's Projects

Transforming Lives and Communities throughThe word of God.

Discipleship Traning

Bible Training90%
Vocational Traning80%
Health Care70%

Community Development

Tranings 70%

Micro Financing

Animal Farming 80%
Small Business70%


We help Whole mangrow spirtually and physically.










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We pride ourselves on bringing a fresh perspective and effective marketing to each project.


     Exodus 16:4 - "Then the Lord said to Moses, "Behold, I will rain bread from heaven for you; and the people shall go out and gather a day's portion every day, that I may test them, whether or not they will walk in My instruction."

    This is the test of whether we will get up first thing every day and seek fresh "manna" from heaven. This fresh daily word from Heaven will help keep us fresh spiritually. When we stop gathering it every day, we will start to grow stale and often start to deteriorate.

    But we need more than this to actually grow spiritually. Growth requires more than what is needed to just sustain us. We need to eat fresh manna from God, but we also need the meat of the word. We will not grow unless we are pursuing more and more depth of understanding, and more increase in our vision.

    1 Corinthians 2:10 - "For to us God revealed them through the Spirit; for the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. "

    Joshua 1:9 - "Have not I commanded you? Be strong, vigorous, and very courageous. Be not afraid, neither be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go."

    By far the greatest gift ever received by us is the Holy Spirit Himself. Those who discover the value of His presence enter realms of intimacy with God never previously considered possible. Out of this vital relationship arises a ministry of power that formerly was only a dream. The incomprehensible becomes possible because He is with us.

    "I will be with you" is a promise made by God to all His servants. It comes when God has required something of us that is humanly impossible.

    God doesn't have to try to do supernatural things. He is supernatural. If he is invited to a situation, we should expect nothing but a supernatural invasion.


  • KMI Newsletter: October, 2019

    Partner’s Newsletter:  October, 2019 

    P.0. Box 33 Maesai, Chiang Rai Province Thailand 57130 Ph: +66(0)909659166 Email:alansjones1@gmail.com 

    Dear Friends of K.M.I.,
    It has been a few months since our last newsletter, so I will give you an overview of what has been happening in our neck of the woods since then.
    Lanka Bible College
    Last month I travelled to Sri Lanka once again for the residency aspect of the master’s degree I am doing with DAI and Lanka Bible College (Seminary). I am now into the third of six semesters. It is a particularly good course and quite relevant to what I am doing here in South East Asia. The course is about organizational leadership and each component has been well taught and mentored by a number of professors from around the world. These wonderful men and women of God have come from America, Africa and Britain to-date. My classmates, most of whom are pastors or other full-time Christian workers, are a great group as well. I have made some good friendships with my Sri Lankan brothers and sisters, plus one from Tajikistan, two American missionaries from P.N.G and another from Russia.

      Kyaing Lap Report      

     As most of you would be aware K.M.I. purchased a small block of land here about eight months ago. Our intention is to erect an initial building to house a preschool and women’s centre, as a contribution to this community. This will serve as a multi-purpose building initially, where we can also conduct worship services and run a local training centre for students from Laos, across the nearby Mekong River, as well as the Lahu and Shan people of Eastern Myanmar.
    The building, pictured above and below, will be fifteen metres by eight metres plus a small external ablution block and kitchen.
    Some work has already commenced but we are in need of further funds to continue (approximately Aus$15,000 or 320,000 Thai Baht) Any money raised over that will be put towards equipment and / or a second building on the block for a separate church and accommodation for staff and students. The foundations of each building will allow for the erection of a second story should the need arise in the future.                                                If you or your church feel led to assist with this project it would be appreciated.

    (picture to the left: inside proposed preschool)


    After we establish our base in Kyaing Lap our next target area will be Miek, a coastal town in the Southern Myanmar Region of Thanintharyi. Off the coast are more than 800 islands and throughout the islands are Sea Gypsy’s, called Ceylon.  These people live on boats and have little to no education. Our student, Rose-Mary has a heart for these people, as do two of our other students. We have a desire to help educate and present the Gospel to them. We will need a sizeable boat which can double as a classroom and living quarters. We may have access to a small house in Miek, which could be used as a shore base.                                    
    Please pray that the Lord will open the right doors.
    Our Vision Revisited
    The Lord spoke to me about a year ago and said that we are to be more strategic. He said, I want you to open bases (strategically), staff them with five or six of your graduates, establish a base which will be a strong prayer centre, start a school, a church and a local training centre. Church planters / evangelists will travel from the bases to surrounding villages, winning the lost and establishing local churches. From these will come candidates to disciple and to send out further.  (paraphrased)
    At K.M.I. we plan to replicate this model, with local variations, wherever possible. Our vision is to establish about twenty such bases in Myanmar, together with others in the surrounding nations of Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Pakistan and wherever the Lord enables.
    Matthew 6:33 Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness…………… is one of the verses which lies at the foundation of our mission – God’s Kingdom.
    I know we cannot achieve anything without His love and anointing. If you or your church would like to partner with us in this vision in either finance, coming and ministering, in prayer, or in all three, then please contact us at Kingdom Mission. We need partners at home and in the field, to achieve what Jesus came to do: to seek and save the lost.
    God’s richest blessings,                                                                                                                                               

  • Police in Bangkok Thailand are in the process of making another mass arrest of Pakistani Christians who have been forced to flee because of the violence and threats of Islamist militias 

    Police in Bangkok Thailand are in the process of making another mass arrest of Pakistani Christians who have been forced to flee because of the violence and threats of Islamist militias who are closely tied to the Pakistani government. The reason that the Christians fled to Bangkok is that there is a United Nations High Commission on Refugees (UNHCR) office there and Pakistani Christians are allowed to travel there on tourist visas. Unfortunately the UNHCR takes years to process their applications for asylum and turns down most of them. In the meantime the Pakistani Christians are not allowed to work in Thailand and because their tourist visas expire before their case can be adjudicated by the UNHCR, the Thai government rounds them up to either return them to arrest and/or death in Pakistan or charge them an exorbitant fine. Please contact the Thai embassy and let them know that as Christians we do not take their persecution either in Pakistan or Thailand lightly, and that we pledge to boycott Thai tourism, which is a mainstay of their economy. You can make use of the below message and feel free to adjust it or add to it. God Bless TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN We have been made aware that the government of Thailand is in the process of conducting another mass arrest of persecuted and threatened Christian Pakistanis. As you are aware, the reason that persecuted and threatened Pakistani Christians go to Bangkok is the presence of a UNHCR office in that location. Adding to their misery is the fact that they are not allowed to work while in Thailand, and because the UNHCR takes years to process their applications for asylum they are forced to overstay their tourist visas. Worse yet, they are then often arrested. Unless or until the government of Thailand institutes a humane policy towards the persecuted and threatened Pakistani Christians in their midst, I will not travel as a tourist to Thailand and will urge all those in my circle to do likewise. Richard Roy Blake Centennial, Colorado USA You can email them at this link, which also gives their phone number and address https://thaiembdc.org/contact/

    Outcast Dalits are rejecting Hinduism to become Christian

    SURKHET, Nepal (ChurchMilitant.com) - An estimated 50,000 Hindus are seeking baptism in order to become Christians.
    According to a Friday report in AsiaNews, over 200 Dalits met in secret last week in the Surkhet district of western Nepal. They discussed the Hindu caste system in place making their lives nearly impossible and the displeasure of being part of a religion they do not believe. 
    The Dalits are Hindus who are basically "nobodies" and labeled "untouchables." The discrimination they face daily have drawn them to embrace Jesus Christ. They are the lowest in India's caste system and can get severely beaten for petty incidents. The police will seldom intervene and complaints are ignored or never taken into account. Only one percent of individuals who commit crimes against Dalits are convicted. 
    "It is not only the question of the district of Surkhet, but it is symptomatic of the situation in the whole country," said Dalit and former parliamentary activist Binod Pahadi. "There is a law against discrimination and for equality, but in practice there is a strong oppression of low caste people."
    One of the Dalits who met in secret last week, Lal Babu BK, said: 
    We were more than 200. We have come together to convert to Christianity to save ourselves. We have all practiced Hindu faith for generations since it was mandatory, but today the country is secularized and Hindu faith cannot save us. Those who torment and who humiliate us are Hindus like us. By being named untouchables we are judged from the bottom down. We cannot even touch lower caste people, cannot enter their homes, we cannot touch public drinking water and cannot have access to public places. So what is this belief? Are we certain in this faith? We concluded "no" and decided to convert to Christianity.
    "We are in danger everywhere," Lal Babu added, "and we are discriminated at any time, so we ask for the grace of Jesus because we have seen that there is no discrimination in Christianity. We believe that Jesus can protect us."
    He added, "The decision is made even if we have not yet contacted the Christian priest who can baptize us, we will do it and we hope the priest will welcome us."
    It remains unclear whether the 50,000 Dalits are seeking a Catholic priest to become baptized. Church Militant reached out to AsiaNews, but as of publication, we have not received a response.
    Dalits must take different routes to work as they cannot be seen on several main roads. They are given undesirable jobs like cleaning sewers and toilets or burning the dead, or they're ordered to do hard labor with little to no pay, if given a job at all. They are forced to live in unattended slums and cannot use the same drinking sources as the rest of society.
    Dalit women and young girls are abused and neglected. If they're able to survive to the age of 12, some are forced to be prostitutes for the temple priests.
    It is out of the norm for Dalit children to receive an education, and if they do, they are discriminated against. Only 10–37 percent of Dalits can read and write. Those able to attend school are often mentally abused by teachers, must sit in the back of the classrooms, and are made to clean toilets.
    On July 5, Sanu Nepali, 21, was beaten by several senior caste members. Accused of bathing in public drinking water, polluting it physically and spiritually, the incident put him in the hospital.
    Two months prior, in the village of Barahatal within the same Surkhet district, Bhim Bahadur, a nine-year-old Dalit, was brutally beaten for entering the kitchen of a higher-caste family.
    On February 10, 2007, Pope Benedict XVI raised the Catholic Church in Nepal from the status of missionary jurisdiction to an apostolic vicariate, directly subject to the Holy See, not part of any ecclesiastical province.
    As of 2014, the population of Nepal was about 30 million people, including roughly 7,000 Catholics. There were 78 priests in 11 parishes accompanied by 88 male and 155 women religious.


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